About Muscle Therapy Tx

“Muscle Therapy Tx” stands for Muscle Therapy Treatment. We are a mobile massage therapy  practice so we come to your home, place of work, event or hotel. Our services are strictly professional and for therapeutic purposes only.
Our objective is to provide relief to those seeking help in the area of massage therapy.  Athletes, people with chronic pain, suffering from stress or debilitating pain conditions are in our list of past and current clients.

 Muscle Therapy Tx’s founder,  Eleen had an interest in massage therapy about a decade before she actually started her education in that field. A career in the field of massage seemed unattainable at that time mainly because she was pursuing a career in the technology field. She moved to California years after completing a New Media Technology degree in New York. It wasn’t until she moved to California that she really focused into pursuing education in the massage therapy field. She then enrolled in a massage therapy program offered by a college in the South Bay area. Her passion for massage therapy grew from there and after completing the curriculum and 100+ massage hours of internship, she finally was able to apply for certification through the California Massage Therapy Council. Her professional experience ranges from work in the medical setting (specifically with personal injury and chronic pain patients) to muscle manipulation to calm down the nervous system. Eleen’s first year as a massage therapists was at a chiropractor’s office where she had the opportunity to work with people recently involved in car accidents and different injuries, athletes, stressed out professionals and people with chronic pain. What keeps her motivated in the field of therapeutic massage is how she can witness the progress and recovery of her clientele. As a member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals) and professionally licensed since 2016, Eleen is held to high standards in the massage industry.

No two therapists are the same and if you’ve tried massage therapy before, you know exactly what this means. The number one complaint about people we’ve met using mobile massage therapy services is the randomness of therapists they receive and the quality of the massage each one delivers. This can be painfully frustrating so we invite you to give us a chance to try our services. We can hopefully establish a long time connection as we’ve done it with our regular customers and deliver a highly rated massage therapy experience at your doorstep!


*Service strictly for therapeutic purposes*

Los Angeles, CA 90025 and a 7-mile radius is our usual service area.

Additional mileage will incur extra cost. Please contact us to get a quote.